A lot of musicians dreamt of being rich and famous when they were kids, but they don't all necessarily find that success. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo wrote about his aspirations in his yearbook, though, and what he said proves that he basically predicted his future.

A Metallica fan on a Reddit page for the band shared a post this past Saturday (Jan. 6) that featured their dad's yearbook photos, titled, "I was today years old when I found out my dad went to high school with Robert Trujillo." The post featured two different images of Trujillo from the yearbook, and also showed what he'd written as his plans for the future.

"Attend Musicians Institute of Tech (MIT) study bass as a studio musician & become rich & famous like Led Zeppelin," Trujillo wrote. The quote also noted that he played basketball and football when he was a freshman, he was on the junior varsity soccer team, surfed and participated in the spring musical and stage band. The rocker also praised one of his literature teachers, concluding with, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again."

See the photo below.

A bunch of Metallica fans commented on the Reddit post noting how spot-on Trujillo's goals were, although according to an interview Trujillo did with For Bass Players Only in 2014, he didn't end up going to Musicians Institute of Tech. Instead, he spent a year studying at Dick Grove’s School of Music in Los Angeles.

"Dick Grove’s was good for me in a lot of ways," he recalled. "I used to jam a lot at Dick Grove’s because there were so many different types of musicians, so we spent a lot of time jamming. I’m sure that pissed off our teachers some of the time because we’re supposed to be really studying the books and diving into our sight-reading."

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Regardless, he got the rich and famous part right. Kudos!

Metallica will hit the road for a European tour starting in Germany in late May, and then their North American run will kick off in August. See all of the dates on their website.

Robert Trujillo Yearbook Photos
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