As was revealed last year, Metallica's 72 Seasons album really got its jumpstart when bassist Robert Trujillo was tasked by James Hetfield to rework some classic tracks acoustically and it spurred a fresh original idea that helped open the door to the new record. But just because Trujillo jumped off the page from the assignment doesn't mean that he wants to give up on that idea. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the Metallica bassist says that his initial acoustic reworking of "The Day That Never Comes" is something he'd like to eventually see surface.

"There were a lot of ideas that weren't included in the final batch of songs for 72 Seasons," admits Trujillo. "In the back of our minds, I'm sure there was an idea we should have a slower song or ballad, but we were ready to go."

He adds, "So far as 'The Day That Never Comes' goes, it has a lot of potential as an acoustic song, so I think it's something we'll do at some point, maybe as part of All Within My Hands [annual benefit show]."

The bassist recalls, "I was more interested in the metal, though, which is basically what we’ve pursued as a team. But at some point there will be a ballad. I’m ready to start writing the next album with these guys already but we’re only halfway through the tour currently so that’s a way off yet."

How Did Metallica's 72 Seasons Get Started?

In a Consequence cover story, it was revealed that while James Hetfield initially kept the band creatively active during the early parts of the pandemic lockdown, it was Trujillo who served up an idea that ultimately led them down the path of recording new music.

"We got this text with an acoustic interpretation of our song 'Blackened' [from James], completely different from the original," recalled Trujillo. "He said, 'Hey, I put this together. I hope you guys like it, and if you do, please, please jam on it.'" That began a period where the band members got their home studios together and started to rework some of their classic tracks.

But rather than continue down that path, Trujillo started thinking about their future and while he was initially tasked with creating something for an acoustic version of "The Day That Never Comes," he instead served up an original idea, sending it to drummer Lars Ulrich.

“I told Lars, ‘Let's work on original stuff. Let's start working on a new album,’" recalls Trujillo, who is now in his 20th year with the group. "The cool thing was that idea that I had sent him, he actually played drums on it. I’d sent it, and a few hours later, I get this call FaceTime call from him. It's like 11 at night, he's all sweaty, and he's like, ‘Hey, man, check it out!’”

The bassist shared his excitement over Ulrich's quick response, stating that it was “an important step personally, because, number one, he was motivated enough to play on the idea that initially he was confused by. He’s like, ‘This is not acoustic, what is this? What did you send me?’ That was my personal experience."

Trujillo says he doesn't recall Kirk Hammett or James Hetfield being involved in the interaction, but that's when he felt a corner had been turned. "That to me, was sort of like, ‘Okay, we're going to embark on this journey,’" said the bassist.

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Taking Metallica Into 2024

As Trujillo stated earlier, while the ideas are flowing, Metallica are still some time away from starting a new album. “We’ll be coming back to hit Europe, the States, and territories we haven’t hit on this run," he says of their 2024 plans.

"We’ll be looking to mix up the set a little more, which is fun and challenging. There’s definitely some curveballs there that I like. Creatively, I’ll definitely be jamming and writing, especially because I’ve got so many great neighbors to have fun with. Who knows what that’ll end up being. Maybe the world will hear it, maybe they won’t!”

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