The South American leg of Metallica's 'By Request' tour is complete, and now the band has released several videos from the shows. The latest video (watch above) is from the second Buenos Aires, Argentina, concert on March 30.

It includes video of the band in the tuning room, a short clip of 'Seek and Destroy,' and their concert performances of 'One' and 'Orion.' A few other videos from recent shows have been released as well, which you can watch below.

Check out 'The Unforgiven' and '...And Justice For All' from the March 29 Buenos Aires show; 'Master of Puppets' and 'Fade to Black' from the March 27 Santiago, Chile concert; Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and 'Sad But True' from the March 24 show in Asuncion, Paraguay and 'Battery' and 'Whiskey in the Jar' from the March 22 Sao Paulo, Brazil show.

The videos also include behind the scenes conversation and the band warming up in the tuning room. Every show on the 'By Request' tour features a setlist voted on by the fans that purchases tickets for that show along with a new song. So far Metallica have been playing 'Lords of Summer' as the new song.

The next leg of the tour kicks off May 28 in Finland, giving the band some time to work on new material. Will another new song be played? Fans will have to wait and find out.

Before the European tour kicks off, Metallica will play at the Musicares MAP Fund Benefit concert in Los Angeles on May 12 and frontman James Hetfield will be part of the Acoustic 4 a Cure show in San Francisco on May 15.

Watch Metallica Video From Buenos Aires, Argentina

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