It was another great year for metal in 2016 with some of the genre's most enduring acts all delivering top shelf albums. Of course, the legends of the modern era came out swinging as well, ensuring the metal flame will be glowing bright and hot for decades to come.

With heavyweights like Megadeth, Anthrax, Korn, Iron Maiden and more all duking it out for the honor of being proclaimed the Best Metal Band of the Year, there was one candidate that overshadowed even these legends. Yes, we're talking about Metallica!

With over one quarter of the votes, the thrash legends snatched the victory with a healthy lead over runner-ups Anthrax. Fans had waited eight years for Metallica to bridge the gap that began with Death MagneticHardwired... To Self-Destruct has something for fans of any of the band's eras with the concise and aggressive "Hardwired," the groove-laden "Dream No More," the anthemic melodies off "Moth Into Flame" and the pummeling "Spit Out the Bone."

Check out the results below and thanks for voting!

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