If someone told you they could play an Eddie Van Halen solo by blowing into bottles, you'd tell them, "Hit the bricks! Scram! Just beat it!" Well, "Beat It" is the focus here as the Bottle Boys tackled the iconic Michael Jackson track, with Eddie's iconic guitar solo and all!

Anyone who has blown into an empty bottle has undoubtedly noticed the varied range of tones produced from drink containers and the Bottle Boys take a pan flute approach, lining up a number of bottles together. Taking two empty plastic bottles, one man keeps time using them as shakers while the rest somehow manage to mimic "Beat It."

The most impressive part is of course the solo, which could not be attempted by just one bottle-blower. At the end of the video, Bottle Boys member Phillip shares his enthusiasm for the track, breaking down how they approached Eddie's fretwork, asking, "[Have you] ever heard 16th-note sextuplets split between two musicians playing bottles?"

There's been plenty of strange rock and metal covers over the years, including AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" on bagpipes and candy replacing the drums in Meshuggah's "Straws Pulled at Random."

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