Forget all the crazy genre tag mashups you've heard before because this one is going to stick in your mind forever. AC/DC's 1990 smash hit "Thunderstruck" has been heard over the airwaves and in arenas all over the world, with the famous lead burying its way into the memories of millions. But now it's time for something different. Bagpipes weren't enough, so get ready to drop the bass too.

Known as the Snake Charmer on YouTube, this talented lady has done several bagpipe covers, ranging from folk metallers Eluveitie to the Game of Thrones theme song. She promises, "This will definitely be something you have never heard before, no matter what music you listen to, there is something in this for everyone."

As anyone knows, the opening lead is played for just about the entire duration of "Thunderstruck" and the only thing in this cover that gives the lead a break is when the dubstep parts come in. The bagpipes are surprisingly appealing, adorned with a spiked dragon head at the top, resembling the bow of a Viking ship.

This video is not just your average fun home cover, as the Snake Charmer shot a full-on video with cuts from her playing in an abandoned building along with loose thematic scenes of being trapped inside.

If you thought the bagpipe part here sounded a bit familiar, but you couldn't trace your hunch back to the source, we've done the heavy lifting for you and found it. A few years back, an Australian bagpiper known as the 'Badpiper' not only covered the song, but shot flames out of his instrument. Dressed in a leather kilt, a leather vest and a mohawk fixed atop his head, he certainly looked the part.

In the endless world of mashups and covers, surely something even crazier than this will happen.

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