Michael Sweet continues to remain busy, but one of his projects may be winding down. The Stryper vocalist expressed his concern over his Sweet & Lynch collaborative union with George Lynch and what the future may hold.

The musicians reunited for a second time in 2017 to release their Unified album, but Sweet shared his concerns about promotion of the project while chatting on the Focus on Metal podcast.

The singer stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "I've gotten to the point with Sweet & Lynch where I'm almost sensing and feeling like maybe it's run its course. We did two albums. I talked about doing a third and a fourth and a fifth, but there is kind of no point to it if we don't tour. We really should be touring and playing those songs live. It's kind of pointless, after a while, if you're not doing that."

Sweet went on to say that Lynch's schedule has factored into the inability to tour, adding, "When the first album came out and the second album came out, I promoted the snot out of 'em and was really pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing. George didn't do a lot of promoting and a lot of pushing with those albums. It gets to be exhausting for me when I feel like I'm the only guy really pushing it. And that's not to take anything away from George — it's just a fact. It's a simple fact that I'm stating in saying that that becomes an issue."

Lynch has his own band Lynch Mob, as well as the other collaborative project KXM on top of Sweet & Lynch. Plus, he reunited with Dokken for some shows a few years back, though Don Dokken has been resistant to reviving the classic era lineup any further in favor of his current band.

"I'm at that stage right now where I'm just kind of feeling like the fire is kind of dwindling. I don't want it to — I wanna pour some gasoline on the fire and ignite it again. Maybe that'll happen, but it's quite possible that it won't," says Sweet of Sweet & Lynch's future.

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