Our recent video with The Winery Dogs / Metal Allegiance drummer Mike Portnoy playing rock and metal classics on a Hello Kitty drum set has taken the Internet by storm and by now you've likely seen the viral video. Now, the clip has inspired a spin-off as we now bring you the Whiplash mash-up.

In the new video (above), we see J.K. Simmons' perfectionist music instructor Mr. Fletcher offering his biting criticisms of Portnoy's technique. "Not quite my tempo," offers Fletcher as Portnoy pounds away on the tiny kit and makes mincemeat out of the single cymbal.

Fletcher continually stops Portnoy in the video mash-up. At one point, he offers the now famous, "You're rushing" dialogue from the Oscar-nominated film, with the drummer firing back an exasperated look. When Fletcher adds, "You're dragging just a hair," Portnoy throws down his drumsticks in disgust. Eventually the stickman powers through a musical piece and just as Fletcher turns to throw a chair at him, Portnoy powers over the tiny kit, knocking it to the ground.

Luckily in real life, Portnoy rarely has the "rush or drag" issue, regarded as one of the top drummers in the biz. Check out his work on The Winery Dogs' Hot Streak album, currently available via iTunes, and also as part of the all-star Metal Allegiance collective on their self-titled debut disc, also available on iTunes.

And in case you missed the original video, watch as Portnoy pounds away on the poor little Hello Kitty drum kit, rocking some classic drum tracks in the process. The original video is posted below.

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