Mike Portnoy is undoubtedly one of rock and metal's all-time great drummers. The dude can play anything, so instead of asking him to go nuts in a mini-city of cymbals and toms, we stripped it down as far as humanly possible and got Mike to crush a Hello Kitty drum kit!

Let's break down the Hello Kitty kit for you: One kick drum, one snare, one rack tom and one cymbal. And keep in mind these terms are used VERY loosely.

During Metal Allegiance's recent visit to our studio, we showed Mike Portnoy our brand new Hello Kitty kit and dared him to make his masterful style work on the children's toy. After a quick assessment of the kit -- "Dave Lombardo wouldn't play this s--t!" -- Portnoy decided to start a little game of 'Name That Tune.' The Dream Theater / Winery Dogs / Metal Allegiance legend began to play some of hard rock and metal's greatest songs on the pink drums.

Portnoy bashed through some simpler tunes like KISS' "Love Gun" but impressed us immensely by actually thrashing through highly advanced cuts like Slayer's "Raining Blood" and Rush's "YYZ."

Watch Mike Portnoy work his magic on a Hello Kitty drum kit in the clip above! The drummer currently has new albums out with both Metal Allegiance (available at iTunes) and the Winery Dogs (available at iTunes).

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