It happens! You see someone familiar and mistakenly identify them as someone else. Most of us have done it at some point in our lives. But in the case of TV host and narrator Mike Rowe, his case of mistaken identity concerned a member of Metallica and he decided to share his embarrassment and apologize in a Facebook posting revealing his blunder.

Rowe is best known for hosting and narrating such series as Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, How the Universe Works, Airplane Repo, Somebody's Gotta Do It and others as well as doing Ford commercials. And his work caught the eye of Metallica frontman James Hetfield, who stopped Rowe to chat recently while both men were walking their dogs.

Rowe shared an exchange between the two where Hetfield stopped him to express his fondness for his skilled trade shows. After discussing their dogs, Hetfield revealed to Rowe that he played "in a local band," downplaying his celebrity. After Hetfield revealed he was a member of Metallica, Rowe stated, "Oh my God. Of course. You're Lars Ulrich. Forgive me. I heard you lived around here. What a pleasure to meet you," after which Hetfield corrected him.

"Man, do I feel like an idiot," said the TV host, later adding, "Thing is, I'm normally very good with names and faces, especially when they're attached to people who have entertained me for the last 35 years. Typically, when I go out of my way to see a legendary band perform -- a band whose many songs I've memorized -- I'm able to recognize the lead singer when I see him on the street years later. But apparently, after a few mimosas on a warm Saturday afternoon, I no longer possess that skill."

Rowe went on to express his thanks to Hetfield for being so gracious and speaking highly of his foundation. He also apologized for mistaking Hetfield for Ulrich, admitting that someone had told him earlier in the week that Ulrich lived in the area and that's what immediately came to mind. And in his apology, he wrapped with a thanks for the band's dedication to record stores and mentioned their Record Store Day show over the weekend.

"If we meet again, I'll get it straight, I promise," says Rowe. "In the meantime, this will likely endure as my favorite botched encounter for a very long time."

Check out the post in full below:

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