It looks like no matter how many times Al Jourgensen attempts to put Ministry to bed, there's just no stopping this industrial machine. We've been faced with Ministry's last album three times now and Uncle Al keeps giving us more, this time under the title of AmeriKKKant.

The record, which has yet to receive an exact release date, is expected to arrive some time in the Fall later this year, with vinyl copies coming shortly after in January of 2018. What we do know, however, is that Jourgensen recruited a handful of guests, including Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell, ex-N.W.A. member Arabian Prince, DJ Swamp formerly of Beck as well as Lord of the Cello.

A short video teaser has also been posted on the PledgeMusic page, strongly suggesting Ministry have returned to the lauded sound of the Psalm 69 and The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste albums, abandoning the more straight ahead metallic leanings of the new millennium.

Fans can pre-order the album now, exploring a wealth of different pledge options, including opportunities to have you name listed among the album credits, a signed lyric sheet, a personalized signed signature Jourgensen guitar, a vinyl test pressing, a happy birthday message delivered as an .mp3 file, various merch options and more, all at staggered pricing.

Given the title, the 14th album from Ministry will tackle the current climate under the Trump administration. When we spoke with Jourgensen last year after releasing the debut from Surgical Meth Machine, he hinted at what lied ahead for Ministry, stating, “After three albums of Bush, I’ll let some of the younger groups take the low-hanging fruit, which would be Trump. I would rather sing about the sociological conditions that have gotten an entire country to vote for such a dolt. I’m not going to be bashing Trump. I’ll probably be bashing his supporters in the lyrics to the next Ministry album. It will be more so about that than Trump.”

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