Excited about Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen's upcoming graphic novel series? We are! That's why we've got yet another exclusive on 'Ministry: The Devil's Chord - The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen.' The series promises to include many of Al Jourgensen's real-life friends. Turns out that Sascha Konietzko of German industrial veterans KMFDM is one of those very people, and we've got the first look at Konietzko's animated character.

The 13-issue comic book series is scheduled to premiere at Comic Con San Diego in July 2014. So far, we've exclusively premiered preliminary sketches of Alien F. Jourgensen, brought you a bizarre (as always) interview with both Al Jourgensen and an interview with 'Devil's Chord' co-creator Sam Shearon. Now, we're piling on more exclusive updates on the graphic novel with this picture of Sascha Konietzko along with what superpower he will be endowed with.

"I met with Sascha at his recent show in Pomona, CA and within minutes he enthusiastically began to tell me without prompt, how he'd want to appear, what he'll have as 'super-hero' powers and what he's not cool with," says Sam Shearon. "He stated firmly that he wants nothing to do with Nazi UFO's!... I didn't have that planned or written in there anyway, but being German, he was quite adamant about not being connected to anything Nazi whatsoever! So I assured him this wouldn't be written in there regardless and that he's one of the 'good' guys alongside Alien F. Jourgensen."

Shearon continues, "Sascha Konietzko will have the power to 'drain' other peoples powers... to 'dis-able' them. However this does not work on Al Jourgensen... quite the opposite in fact... Sascha will 'give Al a boost,' as Sascha put it with a proud smirk! Sascha will play an integral part in the story and will act as one of the major characters in the story... not so much as a sidekick, but more so as a fellow hero - similar vane to Marvel's 'X-Men' characters. . . with 'several' heroes in play at once against 'several' enemies with a variety of powers and abilities."

Check out the sketch of Jourgensen and Konietzko above and stay tuned for more updates on 'Ministry: The Devil's Chord.'