Ministry are on their way back with the AmeriKKKant album, releasing their latest video for the song "Twilight Zone." Al Jourgensen sets his sights on President Donald Trump in the lyrics and through the use of soundbites.

"We are in completely uncharted territory now, witnessing the unraveling of what was once a functional democracy. Our government is under attack. Our planet is under attack. It's time for a major reboot," says Jourgensen, who appears in the clip as a speaker talking from a pulpit behind a chain-link fence and riot police.

The song features enhances Ministry's sound with cello, bits of Donald Trump speeches even some harmonica. The video and song make solid use of slowed down audio of Trump saying "Make America Great Again." Meanwhile, the video takes a psychedelic turn toward the end with Jourgensen meeting with a medicine man in the desert, drinking down a potion and going on his own psychedelic trip. It's definitely one of the more interesting clips you'll see this year, produced by Chris and Steve Roth for The Other House production company.

"I'm a life-long fan of the band and very politically active," said Chris Roth. "Not only was this an opportunity to collaborate creatively once again with the one and only Al Jourgensen, but also an outlet for much of my pent up aggression and frustration regarding the current state of politics in our country."

The clip was shot last December with Ministry band members Sin Quirin, Cesar Soto, Tony Campos, John Bechdel, DJ Swamp and Derek Abrams all featured in the video, along with Gray Wolf, the president of the American Indian Movement, the Lord of the Cello and many of the band's fans who turned out for the video.

"Twilight Zone" can be found on Ministry's AmeriKKKant album, due March 9. Pre-order info can be found at their website and you can look for the band on tour at these stops.

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