Many have a bone to pick with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and some would even go as far as to scream, "I want your skulls" towards the organization as they've failed to recognize some of rock, metal and punk's most notable groups. While the Misfits have yet to be enshrined in the Hall, their career is not going unnoticed as select pieces of memorabilia will now serve as a permanent fixture inside its famous pyramid walls.

Displayed behind a glass showcase (photos here) alongside various rock memorabilia is Jerry Only's custom 'Devastator' bass and spiked jacket worn onstage at both the Denver and Chicago editions of last year's Riot Fest, where the band reunited with Glenn Danzig for a pair of exclusive performances.

“Fame was not my intent. It was always the creation of something so unique that others would remain in awe of its design. I am proud to walk among icons who felt the same way," commented Only via Alternative Press. "We changed the world!!! I am honored to have my Excalibur…’The Devastator’ and my ‘Fiend Battle Armor’ on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… May we one day grace its halls and exhibit a full arsenal of our weapons of mass destruction. Search -n- Destroy!”

The bass is also noted for being the first model ever to be made from Louisville Slugger wood, the company responsible for manufacturing bats used in Major League Baseball. “For every home run in major league baseball hit with a Louisville Slugger bat, I don’t think any one ever hit a home run bigger than I did in Denver and Chicago with this bass," Only added. "It may be the concert of the millennium. The reaction from our devoted fans, the fiends, was unparalleled and their bloodlust is for more."

It still remains to be seen if Danzig, Only and Doyle will perform again under the Misfits moniker. Danzig, however, has a new album, Black Laden Crown, slated for release on May 27 in conjunction with the Blackest of the Black festival.

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