Morbid Angel's new album, Kingdoms Disdained, is set for release tomorrow (Dec. 1) on Silver Lining Music and with it comes the return of their bludgeoning, tectonic death metal after the misguided Illud Divinum Insanus. "Piles of Little Arms" instantly erased doubts that one of death metal's most innovative acts were finished and "For No Master" continues to push this notion.

There's a churning heaviness to "For No Master," with new drummer Scott Fuller making his presence known with tumbling fills and tight snare rolls, while Trey Azagthoth's tunneling riffs bore through the Earth's surface, unleashing the fury of our planet's molten core with his signature melting solos. It's a frenetic offering that blurs the stylistic lines between the contorted Formulas Fatal to the Flesh and the more direct Gateways to Annihilation.

"This is one of the songs that was written in the rehearsal space; something that we hadn't done in many years," commented vocalist / bassist Steve Tucker. "We wanted to get a live, intense feeling on some of the songs and this is definitely a great example of what we set out to achieve. The title of the song and lyrics are a bit self-explanatory. To live one's life without masters, would be the dream of many souls."

Pre-orders for Kingdoms Disdained are available now at this location. It will be the first album to feature Tucker since 2003' Heretic and first for new skinsman Scott Fuller and guitarist Dan Vadim Von.

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