Here's the most played song live off of every one of Metallica's albums.

Although Metallica's setlists are known to vary from night to night, creating a customized experience at every show, there are still plenty of tracks that are nearly unavoidable. The hits are the hits for a reason and they're the ones fans still typically want to hear the most.

Four of the band's most played songs from their respective albums have been performed live more than 1,500 times, according to's records.

When it comes to post-'Black Album' material, however, even the songs from those records that have entered the set the most, are far from the most popular Metallica live tracks.

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See the most played song off of every Metallica album directly below.

The Most Played Song Live Off Every Metallica Album

The songs you are most likely to hear at a Metallica show from every album.

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Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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