Fans of Motley Crue and Kiss hoping to hear the hits definitely got their money's worth as 'The Tour' opened Friday night (July 20) in Bristow, Va.

Motley Crue got first crack at the 20,000-strong audience and as promised during the press conference hyping the event, they were allowed full production value. The performance was highlighted by the always entertaining Tommy Lee drum rollercoaster, as he made his way upside down and back again while drumming to the classic track 'Love Rollercoaster.'

The show also offered the band the opportunity to debut their new single, 'Sex,' in the live setting, but those hoping for a preview of any other new music were left wanting. However, they did play a hits-filled set that opened with 'Saints of Los Angeles' and wrapped with a string of 'Dr. Feelgood,' 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' and 'Kickstart My Heart.'

Kiss, meanwhile, used opening night of the tour to get back into the swing on their familiar hits. Though they have the 'Monster' album coming soon, the group offered current single 'Hell or Hallelujah' as the only new track within their set.

Much like Motley before them, Kiss stuck to the classics. 'Detroit Rock City' opened the show to rapturous applause, while 'Lick It Up,' 'Black Diamond,' and 'Rock and Roll All Nite' provided a satisfying ending to the night.

Motley Crue July 20, 2012 Bristow, Va. Set List:

1. 'Saints of Los Angeles'
2. 'Wild Side'
3. 'Shout at the Devil'
4. 'Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)'
5. 'Looks That Kill'
6. 'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)'
7. 'Sex'
8. 'Drum Solo'
9. 'Home Sweet Home'
10. 'Primal Scream'
11. 'Dr. Feelgood'
12. 'Girls, Girls, Girls'
13. 'Kickstart My Heart'

Kiss' July 20, 2012 Bristow, Va. Set List:

1. 'Detroit Rock City'
2. 'Shout It Out Loud'
3. 'I Love It Loud'
4. 'Love Gun'
5. 'Firehouse'
6. 'War Machine'
7. 'Shock Me'
8. 'Hell or Hallelujah'
9. 'God of Thunder'
10. 'Lick It Up'
11. 'Black Diamond'
12. 'Rock and Roll All Nite'

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