Myles Kennedy’s smooth voice is in high demand. When he’s not crooning and writing songs with melodic rock group Alter Bridge, the sturdy tenor is usually on tour or recording with Slash. Next year, he’s looking forward to getting back with Slash and busting out some fresh rock tracks.

“… I’ll be writing and arranging with Slash and the guys in Los Angeles and basically doing pre-production for the upcoming record,” Kennedy told Glide magazine. “When I’m through, I leave L.A. for somewhere in Europe, and I will be there for six weeks with Alter Bridge doing a Europe and U.K. run, which will finish up around the end of November or beginning of December. Then I’m assuming, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I’m assuming we’ll reconvene on the Slash recording.”

Kennedy says he’s already been working with Slash on some songs, and he likes how the heavy vignettes are turning out. “… You know, it’s fun because hearing the songs come together with the whole band is always kind of a big thrill, you know when you’re writing and creating,” he said. “Slash and I have been trading demos back and forth for better part of a year. And we’ll get together with Todd [Kerns] and Brent Fitz and flesh out the arrangements, and it’s cool. It’s like making little sonic babies. [Laughs]”

Kennedy’s Alter Bridge band-mate, Mark Tremonti, is also planning new music for 2012, both with Creed and a solo project. Read about his upcoming ventures, here.