This edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' goes deep into one of modern metal's biggest phenomenons, Ghost. We managed to track down one of the band's nameless ghouls to prove and disprove what's been written about the band.

Ghost may be the most secretive band on the planet right now. Although they've attained massive success, the identities of the musicians within still haven't been leaked. The nameless ghouls are likely the biggest mystery, so we jumped at the chance to peek into the cult's past and inner workings.

We asked the ghoul about when Ghost's flame was first lit. Wikipedia claims that while playing in another band, one of Ghost's members played the riff to "Satan Prayer," inspiring the formation of the masked band. Is it true? The ghoul answers in this Wiki segment. He also told us how many members actually craft compositions for Ghost and whether or not Papa Emeritus is one of them.

Wikipedia writes that after a little while, the members of Ghost were forced to tell friends and family about their double lives to keep peace within their respective homes. The masked ghoul explains how that happened and why it was so important.

Perhaps the most fascinating entry on Ghost's Wikipedia page is the lore that Dave Grohl himself once dressed as a ghoul and performed with Ghost. You'll get the answer as to whether or not it actually happened right here!

Enjoy the Ghost edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' in the video above!

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