Just in time for Halloween! AJ Good, the man behind House of Masks, has provided a pair of videos displaying his collection of Ghost and Slipknot masks. The clips are dedicated to the respective bands. Good comments on each mask in the Ghost video above and proudly, but silently, displays the gas masks of Sid Wilson below.

All three eras of Ghost are represented along with some other collectibles. The collection features custom masks designed by Good himself along with some original masks from the Nameless Ghouls, delighting and taunting fans of the band everywhere as we inch closer to All Hallow's Eve. The collection includes masks of Papa Emeritus I, II, and III along with his human disguise, Ghost merchandise like shirts and vinyl, mini statues, and a full Papa Emeritus costume that Good said he has worn to several conventions and concerts.

The second video displays all of the gas masks worn by Wilson from the first two albums. The clip spans over nine minutes and each mask has a description provided in the video for those looking to get as specific as Good. With all these masks, it seems like Good wishes every day was Halloween in order to properly celebrate his collection.

To dig deeper into Good's fascination with masks, check out his House of Masks YouTube channel at this location.

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