Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway rubbed shoulders with one of Britain’s political bigwigs on Radio 2 this morning (June 21). Along with talking about extreme metal with former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, Greenway taught the politician how to growl like him.

Barney Greenway is currently on the European festival circuit with Napalm Death, but he had the time to do some morning radio with Miliband on Radio 2. For those unfamiliar with Miliband, he was elected to the House of Commons in 2005 and held a variety of positions in government until the 2010 general election. After Labor Party leader Gordon Brown resigned after the 2010 race, Miliband was elected to replace him as the Leader of the Labour Party. Miliband left the position in 2015, being succeeded by Jeremy Corbyn.

After playing some Napalm Death for the radio listeners, Miliband claimed, “It’s all a bunch of noise.” “I totally understand it, we appreciate that people feel that way,” Greenway responded. “We get a perverse sense out of annoying people. The band is very sonically violent, but the ethos behind it would appear to be the antithesis of that. We welcome people’s revulsion sometimes.”

Greenway went on to define the term “grindcore” for Miliband and taught the politician how to scream “You Suffer.” Just like watching Napalm Death live, Greenway grunted through the 1.3 second song before listeners even knew what hit them. Miliband tried to replicate Barney’s scream, but wasn’t too successful.

Watch Barney Greenway deliver some off-the-cuff vocal lessons in the clip above.

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