Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway is one of the most outspoken musicians in the world of metal. When he's not using his terrifyingly booming voice to sonically brutalize his audience, the otherwise soft-spoken frontman often shares his views on a great deal of social and political issues. In our most recent interview with Greenway, we gave him the floor to speak about any issue of his choice, and the vocalist chose to address his support for gay marriage.

Earlier in our interview with Greenway, we spoke about future Napalm Death material, the band's current tour with Cannibal Corpse and Immolation, the use of harmonic chant in Napalm's music and much more. Stay tuned for the rest of the interview, but for now, here is Barney Greenway's stance on gay marriage.

"There's a huge debate, and it's going backwards and forwards in Europe right now -- ironically because Europe is seen as quite liberal -- but there's a debate about gay marriage going on," begins Greenway. "I've got a very basic view on this; it's a human rights issue. I think it's a civil right issue; I would draw a parallel to the civil rights issue in the States. It's exactly the same thing. People have got the right to do whatever they'd like with their lives if it's a basic human principle and they're not hurting anybody else. It's basically nobody else's f---ing business who anybody gets married to."

He continues, "Nobody has the right to dictate the way that these things go. The churches might think they do, but that's all mundane crap anyway, in my eyes. Nobody has the right to tell anyone else what to do in the fundamentals of life. I just find it quite ludicrous, to be honest, that people are debating this or trying to set a legal precedent. It's about two human beings doing something that's a perfectly human being thing to do that makes them happy and people should basically f---ing stay out of it. It shouldn't even come to a matter of legalization. It's a basic, fundamental human right. I can't see where the legal issue is that says that two people of the same sex can't get married. I don't understand what laws have been broken. You could start getting really stupid with this and start talking about 'God's natural law,' which I think is utterly ridiculous."

Greenway concluded addressing his stance on the subject as follows: "There are many things I have problems with -- with churches and religion in general -- and I'm not saying that all religious people do think that way in terms of trying to stop same-sex relationships or gay marriage, not everybody that does that is involved with religion, but there are some major lobbying groups and movements that are very much involved in that. Again, it's a fundamental human rights issue. It's the same as the right for people of color to go on public buses. It's exactly the same issue in my eyes. It's a civil rights issue, not a legal issue."

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