Napalm Death have just unleashed a new animated video for 'Smash a Single Digit.' Crafted perfectly for Napalm Death's music and message, the clip offers social commentary on our current capitalistic society and the workers who get chewed up by the system.

'Smash a Single Digit' is the second song featured on Napalm Death's 2015 album, 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat.' The record won't be released until Jan. 27, but spoiler alert -- it's ridiculously heavy.

The video is simplistic in nature, but very effective in delivering its point. Birthed out of a sardine tin, a man is created to work himself to the death. As he stands up for the first time, his tongue is ripped out by the arm of a suited man before the subject's face is ripped off to remove any trace of individuality. The faceless mass is brought to a machine via conveyor belt, where he restlessly toils away to literally make money for his employer / creator.

After literally working himself to death, the being is eaten by a monstrous business-type and the next faceless worker continues to keep the machine running. While all of this is going on, the video cuts to the animated face of vocalist Barney Greenway, who barks out the lyrics to 'Smash a Single Digit.'

Check out the 'Smash a Single Digit' video above and be sure to get your hands on Napalm Death's 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat' on Jan. 27. You can pre-order the album now via iTunes or Napalm Death's official merch store.

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