After nine seasons, 'The Office' closed up shop last night (May 17), but not without giving the cast of characters a hard-rocking send off. The finale centered around a pair of events -- Dwight and Angela's wedding and the shooting of DVD bonus content for the documentary -- with the office co-workers reuniting a full year after the series penultimate episode. As expected for a series finale, there were a number of poignant moments, and luckily for rock fans they were soundtracked by some harder rocking favorites.

A majority of the music came during Dwight and Angela's wedding as the office manager wed his bride to the sounds of several classic songs. A softer string version of Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child o' Mine' plays as Phyllis carries a hobbled Angela down the aisle to meet her groom to be.

For fans of the show, it should not be a surprise that Dwight chose a Motley Crue song for their first dance. After all, his pre-sales call ritual always consisted of rocking out Motley Crue's 'Kickstart My Heart' guitar solo in the back of his car to get pumped up. In this case, Dwight dug a little deeper into the Crue catalog for 'Angela,' a song off the band's 1991 'Decade of Decadence' collection.

Even as Dwight Shrute evolved from young sales associate to office manager, he never lost his love for hard rock and heavy metal and he reflects that in the year since the last episode he's gotten even closer with his co-workers. He cites Meredith Palmer as the one office worker who truly knows how to headbang to Motorhead, as the camera shows them taking a break in the parking lot rocking out to the band.

All in all, it was a very rocking finale and a great way to send off the cast and crew after nine great years.

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