While the details are very scarce, a previously unreleased Guns N’ Roses song called ‘Going Down’ surfaced online today (Aug. 20), raising many questions regarding its existence. However, it was quickly taken down by the band's record label.

The song features GN’R bassist Tommy Stinson on vocals while Axl Rose can clearly be heard in the background offering up some backup vocal support throughout the clip. Sonically the clip is reminiscent of vintage Guns N' Roses.

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether this is a new track the band is working on or something from an older recording session, Metal Insider reported that guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal did confirm on Twitter that the song was definitely a Guns N’ Roses tune. That tweet has since been deleted from Bumblefoot’s Twitter feed only adding to the mysterious nature of the previously unreleased song.

We did hear the tune right before it got removed from YouTube and will update this post if it surfaces again.