Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and his new band, Newsted, have just announced details of the band's first full-length album. Newsted's 'Heavy Metal Music' is set to be released everywhere on Aug. 6, with the album track 'Heroic Dose' now available for your listening pleasure.

On Jan. 8, 2013, Newsted released its introductory disc, 'Metal.' The EP contained four tracks: 'Soldierhead,' 'Godsnake,' 'King of the Underdogs' and 'Skyscraper.' Jason Newsted is sticking to the "metal" theme with 'Heavy Metal Music' as the title of the upcoming full-length debut. The album will be the first Newsted release to feature Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, who joined the band after the recording of the 'Metal' EP.

Jason Newsted revealed the new album's details earlier today (June 4), including the album art, track listing and Aug. 6 release date. The bassist also introduced the brand-spanking new track 'Heroic Dose,' which you can hear below.

We recently spoke with Jason Newsted for an exclusive interview, so look out for that coming soon. The band Newsted will also be featured on this year's Gigantour lineup. Check out both the 'Heroic Dose' single and the track listing for 'Heavy Metal Music' below!

Newsted, 'Heroic Dose'

Newsted, 'Heavy Metal Music' Track Listing:

01. 'Heroic Dose'
02. 'Soldierhead'
03. '...As The Crow Flies'
04. 'Ampossible'
05. 'Long Time Dead'
06. 'Above All'
07. 'King Of The Underdogs'
08. 'Nocturnus'
09. 'Twisted Tail Of The Comet'
10. 'Kindevillusion'
11. 'Futureality'

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