Just last month, it was revealed that Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and his wife, pop star Avril Lavigne, were separating after just over two years of marriage. But the split apparently hasn't affected their working relationship.

Lavigne posted a pair of Instagram photos revealing that she and Kroeger were working together on new music. The couple had previously teamed up on Lavigne's self-titled album that was released in 2013. They initially collaborated on a song called "Let Me Go" that was released in 2013, the same year they eventually wed.

In a statement released in September, it appeared as even though the pair were splitting, they were still on good terms and the fact that they are working together is further proof that their relationship remains in a good place.

Lavigne posted a photo of herself wearing a cowboy hat with the caption, "YeeHaw! Writing with Chad today." Her second photo is of Kroeger with the caption, "Back to where it all started." See the photos below.

Kroeger has had some spare time on his hands this year. The vocalist and his Nickelback cohorts got off to a hot start for their No Fixed Address album late last year and in early 2015, but were forced off a massive tour in June when Kroeger was diagnosed with an intracordal cyst on his voice box that required surgery. That kept them out of their summer touring and in August the band nixed their remaining 2015 dates to allow the singer sufficient time for a full recovery.

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