Nickelback may not be touring this summer, but promotion for their No Fixed Address disc continues with the release of a new single and video for "Get 'Em Up."

In terms of where this clip falls in the history of Nickelback videos, it displays more of the band's wry sense of humor. The video follows the story of two pals planning to rob the local bank, but if you're familiar with the song, you already know that things don't go exactly to plan. The video provides a visual narrative to go along with the song and leaves viewers with a cliffhanger at the end that is "to be continued" with a future video.

Last fall, Chad Kroeger told us, "I’ve always wanted to write a song about a bank robbery. If I couldn’t be involved in a bank robbery, I gotta write a good one. My band members still haven’t figured out that this is a metaphor from an instance early on in my life."

He added, "I thought, instead of it being this scene out of the movie Heat, a very serious thing, I pictured these two guys who come up with this plan and it’s just going to be fantastic. There’s going to be machine guns, and they’re going to roll up in this hot muscle car and they’re going to kick the front door in and they’re going to get the money and they’re going to get away scot free and then they’re going to head to Mexico or whatever. That’s what the planning stage looks like, then once they get there they can’t find a place to park. They drive around the block a half a dozen times, or twelve times or whatever I say in the car. Then they finally get parked, get out of the car, start walking towards the bank and start practicing what they’re going to say when we get in there, that whole thing. They go to kick the front door in and it’s Sunday. The bank is closed. There are two cops standing across the street and it just turns into this -- and I picture almost the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, absurdity of it."

"Get 'Em Up" is featured on the No Fixed Address album, which has already yielded the singles "Edge of a Revolution," "What Are You Waiting For?," "Million Miles an Hour" and "She Keeps Me Up." It's available at Amazon and iTunes.

As previously stated, Nickelback had to call off the remainder of their summer touring after singer Chad Kroeger was diagnosed with a cyst on a voice box. The vocalist will have surgery shortly and will need time to recover. At present, they still intend on honoring their fall dates in Europe, but don't expect to play shows in the U.S. again until 2016.

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