First Johnny Cash. Then Sevendust. Now Leona Lewis is giving it the old college try with her cover of Nine Inch Nails' devastatingly painful, spare, biting, bitter song 'Hurt.'

Lewis, who is a British pop star that got her start on the across-the-pond-version of 'X Factor,' lets her powerful voice carry the song and she gives it respectful and respectable makeover.

It's really a compliment to Trent Reznor and a testament to the power and the quality of his songwriting, since his tune, which lives on 'The Downward Spiral,' has been translated by an outlaw country legend, by a hard rock band and by a British pop diva. But it's not like we ever have to wonder about Reznor's talents. He did nab an Oscar for scoring 'The Social Network' and today received Golden Globe nod for his work on 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.'

If 'Hurt's is one of your favorite NIN songs of all time and you want to own every cover it, the Lewis version is collected on her new release 'Hurt: The EP.'

What do you think, Loudwire readers? Would Trent Reznor himself like Leona Lewis' take on one of his most achingly brilliant songs? Or is this blasphemy?

Watch Leona Lewis Perform 'Hurt' on the 'Royal Variety' Show