Nine Inch Nails recently announced that they're back and ready to tour this year, and now  two pieces of the band's legacy have surfaced in the form of the their 'Self-Destruct' tour documentary and a rare studio acoustic performance of the song 'The Becoming.'

As for the 'Self-Destruct' tour documentary, it was initially released on VHS back in the '90s and now returns courtesy of the band's Tumblr site. The concert footage was captured during their 1994-1998 touring and serves as part one of the 'Closure' VHS. The video explains, "The hectic conditions of a rock and roll concert tour are less than ideal for film making, and as a result, the picture and sound quality in portions of this program are compromised." During this cycle, both David Bowie and Marilyn Manson made guest appearances that can be seen in the film. Watch the 'Self-Destruct' tour documentary below.

The other new online treasure is the Nine Inch Nails studio performance of 'The Becoming.' It was recorded in 2002 at New Orleans' Nothing Studios with Reznor, Danny Lohner and Jerome Dillon performing the acoustic cut. The version of the song appeared on the 'And All That Could Have Been. Still' collection. The performance can also be seen below.

Nine Inch Nails will hit the road this summer, with plans for a North American tour in the fall.

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