It's safe to say that 2017 has been a year of triumph for Of Mice & Men, who entered the year with plenty of questions about their future following the exit of singer Austin Carlile due to continued health issues brought on by Marfan Syndrome but quickly pushed aside any doubts by releasing the song "Unbreakable," which turned into one of the biggest tracks of their career. Now, Of Mice & Men are letting fans in on a little bit of that journey by unleashing the new documentary Unbreakable that can be seen in the player above.

Carlile founded the band and his exit left a very big hole for the group, but luckily the addition of Aaron Pauley a few years back brought not only a stellar bassist but a second voice to the band who has been contributing to recent discs. Rather than replace Carlile, Pauley moved over to vocals full time, while guitarist Alan Ashby stepped up to accentuate the vocal approach for the band as well. “Everyone had to kind of step up and make sure that their performance was better than it used to be," stated drummer Valentino Arteaga in the film, which also showcases a bit of Ashby's first work on the mic in the studio.

The documentary does a great job of capturing those early days, along with the journey of returning to the public eye minus Carlile at shows around the world. Viewers get to witness the behind the scenes from their first show as a four piece at Las Vegas' Las Rageous Festival, follows them to Rock on the Range, takes you overseas to shows at Download and Hellfest as well as various stops on their European trek, and even offers their thoughts on the future.

“My hope for Of Mice & Men in the future is that we can keep doing this for a long time," states Ashby, while Pauley hints about their in progress work on a new album, “It’s been a year of very big change so I think the record will have a lot of tension in it because of that.”

The 26-minute documentary short was directed by Johann Ramos and features interviews with all four members. The group is currently in the final stages of work on their next album. Stay tuned for details on the disc as they become available, and look for Of Mice & Men finishing out the year on tour in the U.S. and Europe at these stops.

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