Swedish musician David Isberg, who founded Opeth in 1990, is recovering in a Stockholm area hospital after being assaulted a couple of weeks ago.

According to reports, Isberg posted the following on his Facebook page on March 24: "For everyone still wondering, I was 12 days ago beaten real badly. [The] only thing I was trying to do was walk home from my work. [I am] now at [a] hospital. Enough said."

According to a Swedish newspaper report, a 23 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted manslaughter in connection with the incident.   Police believe the incident is related to a brawl that began on a bus.

Prior to starting Opeth, Isberg was in the death metal band Procreation and was known as the Unholy Emperor.

Since leaving Opeth in 1992, he has been in several bands in various genres, including Mynjun. He's also had a career as a DJ in electronic and independent music under the moniker DJ Dake.

Isberg also spins metal music periodically at Club Rocks in Stockholm.