Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt, one of metal's greatest frontmen and possessor of the most demonic guttural in the world, recently attended a One Direction concert with his daughter. Yep, you read that sentence correctly. Luckily, the debilitating pain Akerfeldt endured has been turned into an entertaining review.

Any father willing to take his daughter to a boy band concert deserves some praise. The mother suffers the pain of child birth, while the father accompanies his child for two hours of cheesy pop hits separated only by the sound of screeching preteens. Sounds about even.

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Akerfeldt offers a fairly in-depth review of One Direction's live show:

Well, I was in the minority there, being an old dude for one! But it was two sold-out nights at the Friends Arena which holds 60,000 people or something. My oldest daughter likes One Direction, and I anticipated some type of show as they had some elaborate stage thing going on.

But when the guys hit the stage it kinda felt like they’d just dragged five guys from the crowd up... if there were guys in the crowd, which there obviously wasn’t! It was just people on stage that were able to sing in key, but other than that they didn’t do much, they didn’t do any syncopated dance moves, there wasn’t much of a show. And since there were five guys, they’d sing every fifth line of a song and in between be just walking around.

For me, it was mind-boggling, I just couldn’t see the fascination, but kids think they’re cute and that kind of stuff. For me, I did not understand the point of the songs… some I recognized but I felt a bit sad in a way. 'Story of My Life' is the good song, I turned to my daughter and said, ‘This one’s okay.’

There you have it. If you've been thinking of checking out One Direction live, instead of paying nearly a grand for floor seats, save a few bucks for when Opeth starts touring off their 'Pale Communion' album. The record will see an Aug. 26 release date. To pre-order the album, click here.