Otherwise are off to a solid start with their new album 'Peace at All Costs' and the band is turning to Loudwire to exclusively stream the disc before as it arrives in stores today (Sept. 16).

Get an early listen to the album, which has already spawned the breakout single 'Darker Side of the Moon' in the player below.

Frontman Adrian Patrick says of the single and the album: "'Darker Side of the Moon’ is just the beginning of the journey that we plan to take with everyone. The moon is a heavenly body that we’ve come to cherish and worship throughout our meager lives … but there is another side to it that most of us know nothing about. We hope that our album ‘Peace At All Costs’ will help the world navigate the depths of its own darkness and break through into the light on the other side.”

Adrian Patrick has also offered an exclusive track-by-track commentary, breaking down the various songs on the new album. Check out his commentary for each song below the player.

Coming off the success of their 'True Love Never Dies' album, Otherwise have graduated to headlining status on tour. They'll hit the road with Like a Storm and Islander for dates this fall. See the itinerary here.

If you like what you hear in the album stream, the disc is currently available at iTunes. You can also pick it up in a variety of bundle options at this location.

Otherwise, 'Peace at All Costs'

Track by Track Breakdown by Adrian Patrick:

'Love & War'

The song started with this brutal riff my brother was toying around with. We were in a writing session in L.A. and I was arguing with my girlfriend at the time; so the lyrics came out perfect, considering my headspace. It does a fantastic job of opening 'Peace At All Costs' and setting the tone for the whole album.

'Darker Side of the Moon'

This tune is kind of like a pied piper call, of sorts. We want our fans to take this crazy journey with us, and always know that it is possible to find the light through the darkness.

'Demon Fighter'

The title of this song speaks for itself. We all have inner creatures that can sometimes consume us … this is a battle-cry to wage war against our own self-doubt and depression.

'Coming for the Throne'

The concept for this song is actually quite simple: we imagined what we would say to our teenage selves, if we could go back in time. One of my high school football coaches once told me that I would “either be President of the United States or dead before I was 30,” so we snuck that into the lyrics. Glad I could prove him wrong on one of those points!

'Never Say'

This is one of the more sensitive moments on the album, and I’m proud of the fact that we’re capable of doing that as artists. It’s obviously a love song, and was written for a beautiful human being; it is meant to convey our loyalty to those who love us most.

'The Other Side of Truth'

One of the most fun songs to perform, this one also started as a love song but slowly developed into an anthem for all our friends. We are ready to ride into the next life with all of our loved ones!

'All the Pretty Things'

There is something beautifully sad and powerful here. The lyrics are about the pain and emptiness that suicide can leave with the living. We’ve had experience with it and this song is a testament to that.

'Walk Away'

Here we have another very emotional moment; this song is clearly about the end of a relationship and is something that anyone who has ever been in love can relate with. Fleeting love doesn’t always live forever, but TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES.

'For the Fallen Ones'

This jam pretty much amounts to our version of a drinking song; we raise our glasses in honor of all those who have gone before us.

'Fate Is Your Enemy'

When this song was created, we were in a very weird spot with our record label and our management at the time. The lyrics directly relate the frustrations we often feel in trying to succeed within the music industry.

'Meet Me in the Dark'

In our writing session with Atreyu's Brandon Saller (who is one of our heroes), we imagined what Batman would sing to his kids as a bedtime lullaby. Now, I can tell my own son that when he hears this song, he doesn’t need to be afraid of things that go bump in the night… the monsters under his bed should be afraid of his daddy.

'Man on Fire'

We actually wrote this with two of our closest and dearest friends, two of the most artistic cats we know. We wanted the lyrics to serve as a poetic roadmap to our souls and provide insight into our spirits… it makes for one epic album closer!