We've got yet another awesome track from thrash legends Overkill. From the band's upcoming 17th studio album, 'White Devil Armory,' Overkill have unveiled a music video for the new track 'Bitter Pill.'

Overkill's second renaissance has brought the New Jersey thrashers to new heights. Since their 2010 full-length, 'Ironbound,' Overkill have captured the ears and imaginations of a new generation while keeping longtime fans extremely happy. Overkill released the awesome new track 'Armorist' on June 1, and three weeks later, we've now got another home run in 'Bitter Pill.'

Debuted by Decibel, 'Bitter Pill' is a strong, mid-tempo cut that features classic Overkill nuances such as unconventional starts and stops during a main riff and a dropped bridge led solely by guitarist Dave Linsk. Though Overkill are masters of the full-speed-ahead brand of thrash, the songwriting abilities and individual talents of each band member are spotlit when Overkill choose to slow it down.

The music video itself is intriguing, as well. In between cuts of Overkill jamming 'Bitter Pill,' scenes of a white-haired man working on a strange contraption takes center stage. The man throws objects such as big metal keys, film strips, metal spikes, a bullet and poison into his machine, creating a bizarre ink. This ink is later used by a smoking hot female antagonist, who tattoos an Overkill logo on the back of her client.

Check it out for yourselves! Watch Overkill's new video for 'Bitter Pill' above! 'White Devil Armory' comes out tomorrow (July 22)! To pre-order the album, click here!