Only a few more days until Overkill's 17th studio album, 'White Devil Armory,' arrives on July 22. We know you're all pumped for the record, and we're premiering Part 1 of Overkill's behind-the-scenes look into the making of 'White Devil Armory.'

Overkill have been… well… KILLING it lately! The band discovered a resurgence in popularity after releasing 'Ironbound' in 2010, marking one of the highest peaks in Overkill's 34-year career. The band kept the quality flowing through 'The Electric Age' in 2012, and if the new single 'Armorist' is any indication, 'White Devil Armory' should be yet another solid release.

In this clip from Overkill's 'White Devil Armory' studio sessions, you'll hear bits and pieces of new music while getting a tour of bassist D.D. Verni's Gear Recording Studio in Shrewsbury, N.J. "Locked up in here for f---in'… a long f---in' time," Verni says before leading viewers into where 'White Devil Armory' and other Overkill albums were constructed. We also get a look into the home of guitarist Dave Linsk's mom, where the ripping shredder stays during recording sessions.

Though the clip focuses mostly on preparation and funny antics, footage of drummer Ron Lipnicki beating the hell out of his kit also gets a bit of screen time.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Overkill's 'White Devil Armory' Studio Sessions: Part 1 above! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon, as well as Loudwire's own video interview with frontman Bobby Blitz. Also, be sure to pre-order 'White Devil Armory' at iTunes or Amazon.

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