Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power' turned 20 years old today. We paid tribute to this essential, landmark release and then we got some great news! It was revealed that the much-discussed, two-disc, deluxe edition of the album will be released May 15.

The release date was revealed via the band's Facebook page. The "lost" song 'Piss,' which drummer Vinnie Paul told us exclusively about, is included, along with unreleased live footage from the 1992 Monsters of Rock concert in Italy. Fans would be remiss if they did not nab this deluxe, loaded-with-extras version of one of metal's most believed masterpieces.

Here are the details regarding the deluxe edition. There is a remastered version of the album in its original form, with the addition of 'Piss,' a track discovered by Paul himself. He unearthed it while sifting through the album's recording sessions that were tucked away in the Pantera vault.

The DVD will feature six songs culled from an Italian concert performance. This particular Monsters of Rock concert took place on Sept. 12, 1992, in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The set list is 'Vulgar Display of Power'-centric, including 'This Love,' 'Rise' and 'Mouth for War.' It also features the title track of 'Cowboys From Hell' and that album's killer tune 'Domination' melded with 'Hollow' from 'Vulgar. Live footage of the band during this era is incredibly rare, making this package extremely special.

The album's three official music videos are also included on the DVD portion.

The double-disc set is a "must own" and will be available from Rhino for a very affordable $19.98 price. It will land at all retailers and purchasable both here and here. A digital version will also be made available.

'Vulgar Display of Power' Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

'Mouth For War'
'A New Level'
'Fucking Hostile'
'This Love'
'No Good (Attack The Radical)'
'Live in a Hole'
'Regular People (Conceit)'
'By Demons Be Driven'
'Piss' (Previously Unreleased)


'Mouth For War' – Live In Italy
'Domination/Hollow' – Live In Italy
'Rise' – Live In Italy
'This Love' – Live In Italy
'Cowboys From Hell' – Live In Italy
'Mouth for War' – Video
'This Love' – Video
'Walk' – Video


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