No, KISS aren't reverting to the disco days of "I Was Made for Lovin' You," but you might find yourself dancing along to Paul Stanley once again. That's because the EDM outfit Snaked has taken some of Stanley's more well-known stage banter and turned it into a dance track guaranteed to get those listening pumped.

Stanley is known as one of the best in the rock industry when it comes to stage banter and he's a master at playing to the crowd. In the track dubbed "Paul Stanley," you'll hear the singer shouting out such tried and tested gems as "You people are dynamite," "I can't hear ya, I can't hear ya," "You feelin' good," and ironically ending with "We are just getting started." And all of it plays out with the cheers of the crowd and a highly infectious dance beat behind it.

And yes, Stanley is aware of the track. He tweeted it out to fans via social media stating that he started his day by learning about the song and asking his followers what they thought. Check out the tweet below.

While this track snagging Stanley's banter may generate a few smiles and get your body moving and toes a tapping, there's no substitute for the real deal. Stanley and his KISS cohorts have a handful of dates in July, August and September. Stay up to date on their touring and see KISS in all their glory at these stops.

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