Pentagram are one of the original doom metal acts, initially formed in 1971 under the moniker Macabre. Switching their name to Pentagram two years later, the seminal outfit recorded a slew of demos and rehearsals, which have gained a cult following. These recordings have been chronicled through Relapse's First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too compilations, which have now been remastered. The remastered original version of "Be Forewarned," from the band's days as Macabre, appearing on First Daze Here, is streaming below exclusively at Loudwire.

While the fully imagined version of "Be Forewarned" would make its way onto the 1994 album of the same name, the early installment is a dust-caked time capsule and if you close your eyes, you faintly can see Bobbly Liebling (vocals), Vince McAllister (guitar), Greg Mayne (bass) and Geof O'Keefe (drums) huddled in a dim basement littered with Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer posters. The song doesn't quite feature the distinct heavy metal heft that their full lengths would go on to deliver, employing a swaying, plodding rhythm as the amps rattle with all the power they could produce in the day.

Liebling discussed the good fortune behind recovering the original tapes which contained the track, explaining, "Geof found the original reel for this 45 release on eBay! It's the original mix of the song. Philip, the guy who put the record out, was selling the reel online hoping to make a buck now that Pentagram finally got a little attention and was touring the world. Geof got a fair deal on it and now it's risen from the coffin it's been laying in for nearly half a century. We had just changed our name to Macabre (Mac-Ah-Bray) but that didn't last long, we were Pentagram, damnit."

Included in the remastered sets are extensive liner notes from original drummer Geof O'Keefe, who played in the group from 1971 through '76. The First Daze Here compilation arrives with a vinyl-shaped CD which boasts two remastered versions of the sole Macabre 45" single from which "Be Forewarned" was culled from and heard below. Both collections, First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too, have been remastered and will be out on June 17 through Relapse. Pre-orders for the compilations can be placed here.

Pentagram's upcoming U.S. performances include Burger Beach Bash 2016 in Brooklyn, N.Y., and the Psycho Las Vegas festival in August, as well as a handful of European dates in October. See all dates at the band's Facebook page.

Pentagram, "Be Forewarned" (Remastered Original)