Heavy metal supergroup Down, led by ex-Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo, have unveiled some very in-depth details about their upcoming EP. Since 2008, the band has been working on a ton of new music, which will materialize in the form of four separate EPs.

Alongside Anselmo is Corrosion of Conformity guitarist Pepper Keenan and Crowbar members Kirk Windstein on guitar, Pat Bruders manning the four-string and Jimmy Bower on drums.

Anselmo gave fans the inside scoop for the first EP in the series via Down's official Facebook page:

Before I say anything, I will say this. On this — and in the past — I write to basically give an outline and let the listener garner for themselves how they want to apply their own rules and regulations to the track. For me, I find one of the biggest realities of life is that no two men, no two cultures, no two belief systems are really the same.

There's a lot lyrically where I'm kind of at odds with mankind's relationship with mankind. . . I guess it's more simple to say than ever doing it, such is history, but these days instead of ruffling feathers, I much prefer… put it this way, I'd rather have friends than enemies, any day. It's easy to make an enemy. It's easy to be negative. It's very easy to slip into that, but it's very tough to come with love.

All you have to do is open up a newspaper and you can see for yourself, man. Right here in my own city, people are killed every day. Me, as a person, there's no way I could sleep at night if I'd done any of those things. It makes me wonder: what the f--- are those people thinking? There is this thug worship that has led a lot of promising youngsters down a terrible path, a sometimes irreversible path. You take somebody's life, as an adult, you're 16 years old and you're fucked. I guess when I sat down to write this record, that's where my head was at.

No official name or release date for the EP has been made public. Down have also released the track listing for the yet-unnamed EP in no particular order.

Tracklisting for Upcoming Down EP

The Misfortune Teller
The Curse Is A Lie
Open Coffins
This Work Is Timeless