Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell has teamed up with his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla along with vocalist Neil Starr to record a self-titled EP under the moniker Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. They were formerly known as Phil Campbell's All Starr Band.

The five-track EP, set to be released Nov. 18 on Motorhead Music, was produced by Todd Campbell at their own Stompbox Studios in Wales. The mixing was handled by Motorhead producer Cameron Webb. Pre-orders will begin on Sept. 30.

In a recent interview, Campbell talked about how the band was formed. "We had a big party for Todd’s birthday a few years ago and we played a few cover songs and had a jam," Campbell recalls. "It sounded so good we decided to start a band!"

Speaking with Kaaos TV, Starr described the musical direction of the EP, saying, "You know what you're gonna get, because Phil Campbell is the riff god. So you hear these Motorhead riffs. Phil wrote a lot of those songs. So there's elements of that gonna be coming through in the music."

Starr continues, "Obviously, personally, I wouldn't ever want to try and be like Lemmy and his style that he does, because that's one person who does that, and that's him. You don't try and do that. I bring my own style to the band, but, obviously, yeah, there's lots of really great riffs in the songs, like you would expect from a band that's got Phil Campbell in it. It's just rock and roll music, I guess."

Campbell adds, "I think it's great. I'm really pleased with it. It's fantastic."

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons EP Track Listing

1. "Big Mouth"
2. "Spiders"
3. "Take Aim"
4. "No Turning Back"
5. "Life in Space"

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