Philip Anselmo was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show over the weekend. In the interview Anselmo talks about the Superjoint reunion, the band’s new music, Housecore Horror Festival + more. Check out the interview below:

Up until playing at Housecore Horror Festival, Superjoint Ritual had been quite inactive for quite a while. What made you start thinking about starting it back up? 

Well I didn’t think at all about it and it was more peer pressure, sort of speak. I always considered Superjoint pretty much finished. Cory Mitchell -- rest in peace -- the hardest working man for the Housecore Horror and Film Festival, who passed away untimely last year. It was really his idea and he kept begging and kept begging and kept begging. And I was like, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no."  But then Jimmy Bower got into it and he was like why not man let’s do it. Then next thing you know we were having fun and then we played Housecore Horror Fest Part 2 and that was fun and then the offers started coming in. Then I guess at this point it’s like why not? You know, let’s go out and have a blast.

Jimmy Bower and Kevin Bond are doing the tour but not everyone is back from before. What's changed most by having different people involved?

Nothing really. You know we already knew that we were going to go with a different drummer. And one thing that people don’t really recognize is that Superjoint has gone through three bass players over time. And you know, obviously Hank [Williams] the III himself, was probably the most heralded and popular. And we still feel this way too. It’s just a matter of you know truth. Hank has been working his brains out to get to where he is at as a solo artist and, either way, he’s a hard working man. And you know, basically he doesn’t have time to do it but it’s understood and he gives us his blessing and all that stuff. And he’s always welcome to come up and jam with us when he has free time. Which is basically never. But, he’s always, the doors always open for Hank and all that stuff to come up and jam.

But more importantly we got Steve, Taylor and Blue from The Illegals and Warbeast, respectively to play drums and bass and Superjoint is, I’m very familiar with these cats. And Jimmy and Kevin you know love those guys. So you know practice has been smooth and everything has been real smooth. It is fun I’ve got to admit that in this room full of crazy people.

The band is being billed as Superjoint and not Superjoint Ritual. Why the name change?

It’s a legal thing and that’s all you need to worry about there young Jackie.

Could getting together a tour lead to a new Superjoint album?

Well I will let you know that I think, right now we have five new pieces that are pretty good. I think it’s a decent start. But I think that Jimmy has been out with EyeHateGod for quite a while now. We all need to get back in the jam room and reassess what we have. And I think that there is a good chance that we could put out a record. Like I said, there is material that we’ve been working on. But would I say it’s close or finished? No I would not. I would say it needs some tender loving care and I guess once we feel like we are at a certain point with the songs, then we’ll decide whether or not we’re going to move forward or just have extra stuff to put out there for kicks.

What do you think how different, or how it will sound compared to the older tunes?

It won't sound any different because myself, Jimmy and Kevin have always been the main writers in Superjoint anyway, so really, for the most part me and Jimmy. So it shouldn't sound much different at all.

We're talking about the first Superjoint tour in over a decade. Onstage, how does Superjoint allow you to express yourself differently compared to Down or The Illegals?

I'm gonna be me. It's not like I have these different personalities I'm going to turn on and off, but it is a different spot in my throat. If anything, it's going to be a different sound, a different spot in the throat that I use for Superjoint. Each band that I do, or sign in, or better put, am the vocalist in requires its own little style and flavor. Superjoint has its own feel, which is way different than Down and somewhat different than The Illegals.

The third Housecore Horror Festival is going to be happening in November. What makes you most proud about the way it's developed and keeps growing?

The fact that people still want to see it and people are still interested in it and bands want to be a part of it and filmmakers want to be a part of it and personalities want to be a part of it. I can't just go out there and sit on a sofa and pop on my favorite horror flicks, there needs to be some meat between the bread. I think this year, we have already as far as the announced bands go we've got some awesome bands and even more awesome are the bands I can't even talk about. So that part I feel very, very good about and just this past week, we got our first batch of submissions by the lesser known directors out there. That's always a blast, so I'll be viewing those and taking notes and names of the best ones out there so we can use them. That's my favorite part of the festival, really, aside from the bands is checking out the new directors that are pushing the envelope or doing something completely different within the horror film. That's something I'm always interested in. More power to it.

Thanks to Philip Anselmo for the interview. Superjoint kicks off their tour July 11 in Houston, Texas.  Full Metal Jackie’s weekend show can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to

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