This week's Loud List is dedicated to one of metal's most fascinating characters, Philip H. Anselmo. The Pantera / Superjoint Ritual / Down frontman has accomplished a tremendous amount in his near 30-year career, and in this clip, we bring you 10 of Phil's most memorable moments.

There's a ton of Pantera in the mix, but we begin with a Down festival gig where Phil stops the song early to confront the entire crowd. Unimpressed with the energy he saw, Anselmo demanded the crowd go nuts… or else.

We then move into Pantera territory, where the band's classic self-shot videos come into play. You'll see Phil shave off Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee's hair along with Anselmo's hilarious impersonations of Elvis Presley and KISS' Paul Stanley.

Delving into the more serious side of things, this Loud List features a portion of Anselmo's video eulogy to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott shortly after the shredding icon was killed in 2004. Phil, who tends to speak in dramatic monologues rather than sentences, also tells a tale of shooting up a longtime friend with heroin, causing the man to overdose. In Phil's emotional recollection, he holds nothing back, claiming to have "killed my best friend and brought him back to life." Anselmo's own overdose, where he was clinically dead for around four minutes, is also explored in this Loud List.

Check out the video above for these 10 Unforgettable Philip Anselmo Moments. Also, be sure to watch more exclusive Pantera video below!

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