Volbeat have been cranking out studio albums since 2005, and they're taking a well deserved break next year before starting on the next chapter of their career. But at this point, they've amassed eight big studio albums in just shy of 20 years. But which of their albums is the best? That's what we want to hear from you in this week's Loudwire Nights Album of the Week poll.

You'll have until Friday at 12N ET to cast your votes. We’ll then play the three tracks from the album with the most votes during Loudwire Nights' Album of the Week block to start the following Monday's show!

It all started back in 2005 for the Danish rockers, dropping The Strength / The Sound / The Songs and scoring surprise recognition for their rocked up cover of "I Only Wanna Be With You" and the original song "Soulsweeper."

From there, they dropped two more albums with Mascot. First came Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil featuring "The Garden's Tale" and "Sad Man's Tongue." Then came the rollicking breakout Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood, featuring the rock radio favorites "Still Counting" and "Maybelline I Hotteholder."

At this point, things started to take off with a jump to a major label and 2010's Beyond Hell / Above Heaven rocking us with "Heaven Nor Hell" and "A Warrior's Call." 2013 Outlaw Gentelmen & Shady Ladies went deep with eight singles, including "The Hangman's Body Count," "Lola Montez," "Dead But Rising" and "Doc Holliday."

Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie was another deep record for singles, with "The Devil's Bleeding Crown," "For Evigt," "Seal the Deal" and "Black Rose" all garnering attention. 2019's Rewind, Replay, Rebound gave us "Leviathan," "Last Day Under the Sun," "Cheapside Sloggers" and more. And Servant of the Mind kicked off the new decade with "Wait a Minute My Girl," "Dagen For" and "Shotgun Blues."

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But which of these albums is their best work? You've got a chance to rate each of the records below, helping us to determine which one is the best. Then tune into Loudwire Nights next Monday at 7PM ET to find out which record prevailed. During tonight's show, you'll get to find out which Nirvana album was voted the best, and hear three songs from our recent poll.

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