Portal, the cloaked and ghastly death metal band from Australia, are back with Avow, their first new album since 2018's Ion. The six-track release due May 28 on Profound Lore Records has been preceded by the eerie first single, "Eye."

Ion was a particularly unique release within the Portal catalog as it did away with the sonorous, chain-rattling low end miasma and offered a remarkable sense of clarity when it came to discerning the band's otherworldly style of guitar playing. "Eye," however, marks a return to the production values present on 2009's Swarth and 2007's Outre and is an entirely suffocating and claustrophobic track.

Listen to "Eye" below and view the Avow album cover and track listing further down the page. Pre-order the record here.

Portal was founded in 1994 in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia, though the band did not release their first album, Seepia, until nearly a decade later in 2003. Two original members — vocalist The Curator and guitarist Horror Illogium — remain present while Aphotic Mote (guitar), Ignis Fatuus (drums) and Omenous Fugue (bass) joined in 2003, 2007 and 2009, respectively.

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Portal, "Eye"

Portal, Avow Album Art + Track Listing

Portal, 'Avow'
Profound Lore

1. "Catafalque"
2. "Eye"
3. "Offune"
4. "Manor Of Speaking"
5. "Bode"
6. "Drain"

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