At the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, Power Trip talked about unleashing a mean new track in 2018. Today, fans finally get to hear “Hornet’s Nest,” which has been released as an Adult Swim single.

If you dug Nightmare Logic, which we named the Best Metal Album of 2017, you’re guaranteed to like “Hornet’s Nest.” Same filthy production, take-no-prisoners velocity, wild solos and echo chamber vocals… so you can check all those boxes. And with a 4:40 run time, it’s got plenty of lean beef without overstaying its welcome.

“I think we’re easily accessible — we’re just five guys up there raging as hard as we can,” singer Riley Gale recently told us. “We aren’t reinventing the wheel, nor did we ever set out to. I always said, 'Put us in a room with people who simply appreciate aggressive music and they’ll leave enjoying our band.' I think we do what we do well enough to impress anyone who likes or liked heavy music. We tap into the anger of it all, the frustration of every day life, as relatively common looking dudes, rather than use metal as a form of escapism that relies on an image or some kind of gimmick. Nothing against bands that do that, but I think allowing our individual diversity to shine plays a helpful role.”

Watch out, old timers, Power Trip are still here. The boys are currently finishing up a headlining North American tour and will hit Europe, Japan and Australia later this year.

Take a listen to Power Trip’s “Hornet’s Nest” in the player below.

Power Trip, "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" - 2017 Loudwire Music Awards

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