Last year, everyone in Rage Against the Machine save for Zack de la Rocha joined forces with Public Enemy's Chuck D. and Cypress Hill's B-Real under the Prophets of Rage moniker. With an aim to bring heavily politicized music back to the forefront, combatting the current state of the world, the group has been working on their debut full length and tore into a new song, "Unf--k the World" live in Santiago, Chile earlier in the week.

A five-round burst of guitar chugs open the song, but Tom Morello quickly takes the track in a different direction with a catchy melody, which then gives way to a familiar Rage Against the Machine-esque, jagged rhythm. Chuck D. and B-Real trade lines as the chorus comes in prior to the verse, which is dominated by the Cypress Hill frontman. Meanwhile, Morello furiously taps away at another ear-fetching melody that is just on of the highlight's of the track.

Chuck D. takes the lead over the second verse as the two-vocalist combination adds a punchy dynamic to "Unf--k the World." It's a masterful effort from Morello though, who continues to dazzle as the track rolls on, playing a brief solo drenched in some theatrical effects.

When asked about balancing entertainment and activism, Morello told Full Metal Jackie last August, "I started playing guitar when I was 17, around the same time when I started doing political activism. For me, the challenge would be that I didn’t really chose to be a guitar player. It sort of felt like it chose me, like it was a calling. Like I had to do that. So to find a way to weave my thoughts about the world and how I wanted to effect change in the world, in a rock band, which is not a traditional format for doing that has been a challenge. The good news is both with Rage and with Prophets of Rage is that it comes very naturally and the lane is wide open."

Prophets of Rage forthcoming debut will serve as the follow-up to last year's The Party's Over EP, which brought a re-imagined version of Public Enemy's "Prophets of Rage," the original title cut and three live tracks.

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