In a world where Caninus will never make another album (RIP Basil and Budgie) there’s an obvious void for dog-fronted extreme metal. Thus, Pugtopsy was born and the results will leave you spayed AND neutered!

Fronted by Pupcake Lövbacken, an actual pug, on vocals, the rest of Pugtopsy is rounded out by guitarist Jordan Boksel, bassist Shan Dan and drummer Casey Liatorp. This isn’t just some silly demo leaked online… this band is signed to Artery Recordings! Yep, the same people who brought you Attila, Chelsea Grin and Austrian Death Machine.

Artery shared the music video for Pugtopsy’s “Snorts of Sorrow” on April Fools' Day, so we’re not sure if there will ever be more pug metal. Either way, you can still download “Snorts of Sorrow” via iTunes and even grab some Pugtopsy merch. The profits from Pugtopsy shirts are going to Neuterhead: Ace of Spays, a nonprofit group that assists pet rescue groups with spaying and neutering animals.

Animal shelters can be pretty grim, and judging by Pupcake’s growls, he’s seen some darkness. “Snugubugbu. [snort sounds.] Rooooooooof,” Pupcake the pug tells Alternative Press about “Snorts of Sorrow.” “[More snort sounds.] Pleeeehhh."

Check out Pugtopsy’s debut cut above!

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