Queens of the Stone Age have just released the first piece of their upcoming sixth studio album, '…Like Clockwork.' The brand spanking new track, 'My God Is the Sun,' comes on the same day as the newly released album art for '…Like Clockwork,' which depicts a skull-faced vampire embracing a female within his robe.

The hard rock act has teased the release of 'My God Is the Sun' for some time now, posting a clock on the front page of their website, promising something special for 11:40AM PT. Now that the time has passed, Queens of the Stone age have gifted us with a new song (listen below), the cover artwork for '…Like Clockwork' and the album's full track listing.

Queens of the Stone Age have always taken a hard-hitting approach with their music while remaining remarkably original in character. 'My God is the Sun' continues that tradition, offering something progressive while remaining identifiable at first listen. The tune retains a somewhat creepy vibe, sounding a bit like a mix between Muse, newer Poison the Well material and Ghost B.C. at times, especially when harnessing the use of a keyboard.

A bunch of different '…Like Clockwork' pre-order options have also been revealed by Queens of the Stone Age, including different special-edition vinyl packs. The vinyl pre-order packages also contain an MP3 coupon for iTunes, which will allow fans to download 'My God Is the Sun' beginning tonight at midnight. To buy the pre-order bundles, click here. '…Like Clockwork' will be released on June 4.

Check out 'My God is the Sun' and the full track listing for '…Like Clockwork' below.

Queens of the Stone Age, 'My God is the Sun'

Queens of the Stone Age, '...Like Clockwork' Track Listing:

01 – 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled'
02 – 'I Sat By The Ocean'
03 – 'The Vampyre Of Time And Memory'
04 – 'If I Had A Tail'
05 – 'My God Is The Sun'
06 – 'Kalopsia'
07 – 'Fairweather Friends'
08 – 'Smooth Sailing'
09 – 'I Appear Missing'
10 – '…Like Clockwork'

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