Can you guess the 13 thrash albums from one piece of the cover art?

It's time to put your thrash knowledge to the test with three levels of difficult — Beginner, Intermediate and Expert — with this fun visual-based quiz.

What we've done is cropped small portions of each album cover, which are presented alongside two hints to help lead you in the right direction. Sure, some of these will be no-brainers for most thrash fanatics, but we promise you it does get more challenging the deeper you go.

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We've also mixed in classic artists, 21st century favorite and some underground acts to provide some balance. It'll test all areas of what you may have thought were otherwise useless trivia anecdotes rattling around in your head.

As you scroll — slowly, or else you'll spoil the answers for yourself — keep track of how many of these 13 album covers you're able to identify correctly. Then challenge a friend and see if you know more than they do.

Take the challenge directly below!

Can You Guess These Thrash Metal Album Covers From Just A Small Piece?

Try to guess these thrash album covers based on one small crop-section.

Two hints are offered for every album before the big reveal!


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